last day in the states (english version 3)


Today’s our last day in the states!! :-s We’ve had real american breakfast this morning at Denny’s. I had egg, pancakes, sausage and hash browns so I don’t have to eat for a couple of hours..

I’m outta time here online, so I need to quit soon..

Anyways, todays our trip to Las Vegas where we will hopefully be able to have a last swim and we must pack our bags. Tomorrow 8:35 the plane leaves from Las Vegas. Sundaymorning 6 o’clock dutch time we will be home hopefully.

I’m going home with mixed feelings. Like to stay here, but miss mark very much so Im glad that I’ll see him soon.

I have done my shopping, so I am ready to go.

need to go offline… Time’s up.

You’ll hear from us when we’re home safe.

Huggs tineke


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