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hi there!!

We are in Arizona now, and we are enjoying our time. The weather is very nice, the sun’s shining and it’s hot(ter).
We are on our way to Organ Pipe national park. It’s close to the mexican border and we’ve been warned by a couple of people to be very carefull for people along the road (because of the many illegals crossing the border).
Also we’ve had a talk yesterday night about the desert-fauna. Watch for snakes, scorpions etc. So mom is scared and doesn’t want to leave the motorhome at night

Anyways, lots of greetings Tineke


19 october 2005 — 2 reacties

  1. J have a scorpion too, but only one.My wife is scorpion zodiak sign.So we have too be all very carefuly greetings Tineke
    for all of YOU

  2. quote:So mom is scared and doesn’t want to leave the motorhome at night”
    Don’t miss the opportunity to look at the sky, when in the dessert: Particularly when it’s close to new moon, there are millions of stars to be watched, far away from ‘civilisation’ and light pollution.
    It’s one of those moments which make all this so worthwile.

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