Howdy from the states ! (english version)


Hi there!

We’ve arrived safely in the USA! Ain’t you glad? We are.. It was a long trip. We were on the road for 23 hours. But we had good seats in the airplane, so no complains.

We’ve spent the weekend in Los Angeles. We drove around a little, trough Beverly HIlls and Hollywood etc. Also we did some ‘shopping’ at target and walmart.

Sunday we went to the Christal Cathedral from Ds. Shuller. It was hard to hear what they were saying, because the talking wasn’t very loud… But it was fun to be there. When we get home, we can see ourselves on tv!

Right now we are in Yucca Valley and on our way to Joshua Tree National Park. Too bad that we’re having rain.. Past night we had thunder and lots and lots of rain  (The camper leaked..) Hopefully the rain will pass and we will have good, warm weather, because I’d love to get a teint before I get home.

Yesterday we went off the freeway for a campground, and there our cellphones didn’t work, there was no signal. It’s not very crowded area anymore here, it looks lots different than LA. People seem poorer and the towns have a more western-style-look. We’re enjoying this too!

Need to go,
Hope this message finds you all well.

Greetings from whole family!!

ps. we’re wondering who’s engineer?? Jacek or Allen??

bye bye


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