for our english-speaking friends


Glad you made it to visit our site. We hope that we are able to put some information and pictures up here during our stay in the States.

Maybe Dutch is a little hard for you, so here’s a little translation.

at the left:
Berichten= Messages .
Fotoboek = Picture album
Chatbox = you can guess…

Reacties op bovenstaand bericht = you can react to our messages written above. When you’ve written a message, push “plaats reactie”, which means that your reaction will be placed.

recente berichten= recent messages
Landkaart = map
Mailinglijst = you can sign up to receive email as soon as we’ve changes something at the site

Shouldn’t be too hard!

Talk to you later,



2005 English — 1 reactie

  1. Understood all of the above! It does help ofcourse if you know a bit of Double-Dutch though.
    And in case the motorhome breaks down, don’t hestiate to give me a ring, I’ll be only too pleased to come over to assist (as usual).

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